For many years I tried to avoid paid website work—I’ve always done my own sites—because I didn’t feel I had anything to offer regarding graphic design.

These days, though, using packages such as WordPress with themes, templates, etc., no such skills are required, and I’ve been doing more of this sort of thing.

The new site for Gordon Electrical is nearing completion. It’s very small and simple but quite nice if I say so myself.

Towards the other extreme, for me—not in niceness(!), but in size and complexity—is the personal website of my old friend, academic Clive Spash. This is not a new site, for quite a few years it was the only one I managed for anyone else, but what’s happened very recently is its move onto WordPress, as a result of which Clive can now do all the routine updates himself. As for the non-routine stuff, another new development is the option to manage a whole bunch of WordPress sites from one central location. Isn’t technology wonderful!