Monthly Archives: June 2016

Deadlines: Windows 10 and Windows Live Mail/

A couple of Microsoft deadlines are approaching, one of which is almost upon us.

The imminent one affects people who use Windows Live Mail 2012 (though I’m guessing other versions will also be affected) with an,, or email address. MS are upgrading their systems and WLM will no longer be compatible with them, “starting at the end of June 2016”. This perhaps misleadingly titled article has more information including alternatives: Windows Live Mail 2012 will not connect to

The other deadline is the end of free downloads of Windows 10. There’s one month to go on this one. From 29 July 2016 anyone who wants it will have to pay for it, £99 for the Home version and £130 for Pro (prices correct at the time of writing). If you haven’t yet bitten the bullet (and my recommendation for most people is: just do it) it’s make-up-your-mind time.